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August 29, 2004
3 New Comic Pages added.... We have page 10 of Agents69 Issue#3, page 10 of Battle Bitches Issue#3, and page 10 of ShenBlade Issue#3. We're working on getting a character bios section made for some of our main stories..

August 27, 2004
NEW! The Agents 69 Issue#2 and Issue#3 covers are here! We're working on getting the rest of the Agents 69 Issue #3 colored and lettered. Issue #4 of Agents 69 is now in penciling production.

We got some new comic pages for Becky Valient #2 from Diego Jourdan, and they're now being lettered! We'll be posting these soon.

Also- we'll be implementing our Loyal Members system for EAdultComics soon! This will mean members who are with the site for more then 30 days will start getting extra benefits and additional updates. More information will be posted within the next few days.

August 25, 2004
We've added another page to The Helpful Nurse #1 (Page 10). Another funny erotic adult comic... This comic should be titled Super Nurse!

August 24, 2004
3 New Comic Pages added! We've added page 9 to Battle Bitches Issue#3, page 9 to Agents 69 Issue#3, and page 9 to ShenBlade Issue#3. We're currently getting new covers made for Agents 69!! It's looking really cool so far. Also- we made a new desktop wallpaper for Agents69. Get your desktop wall paper by now!

August 22, 2004
Outlaw Angela Issue #4 is here! (A total of 8 pages.) Angela and Marion meets Unlucky Luke... Unlucky Luke gets lucky... A very hot Threesome story in this issue!

August 19, 2004
We have 4 new pages added to Battle Bitches Issue #3 (pages 5,6,7, and 8). Myra gets back on her feet and takes on the Golem! The rest of the Battle Bitches are down and out- But Clone 13 has a plan to get them more energy.... Will he be able to get it up in time?

August 17, 2004
We have 2 new pages added to Agents 69 Issue #3 (pages 7 and 8). Agents 6 and 9 are hot on the case in Bangkok, Thailand. Their latest case is to track down Mistca and stop the "Virgin's for Sale" sex trade.

AND 2 new pages added to ShenBlade Issue#3 (Also pages 7 and 8). Hwang gets wet with the sexy ladies of the brothel!

August 16, 2004
There's a new Lesbination story up! This one is titled: "Melissa and Sue". (A total of 10 pages.) Another hot and exciting girl-girl story... Sue, the Senator's daughter gets kidnapped and held for ransom by a biker gang... Melissa, one of the gang members keeps her company... With a surprise-twisted ending!

August 14, 2004
Issue#3 of Battle Bitches has arrived!! We have the first 4 pages plus the cover as well! (A total of 5 pages!) In our last issue- we introduced to you the Golem! The Fetish Tribe is up to no good and Mistress Dark has hired the Golem to take out the Battle Bitches... In final page we learned the Golem to be Clone 1... and the Battle Bitches defeated! Are the Battle Bitches dead? Find out in this issue the fate of the Clone 13 and the Battle Bitches!

August 13, 2004
There are 8 new free samples in the Free Area! 5 pages for Agents 69 and 3 pages for Lesbination. These samples show off the style and quality of our comics for each of these series!

August 12, 2004
For those who have been fantasizing about the pink skirt booth babes, we want to let you all know your prayers have been answered- There is a special strip blackjack teaser game featuring- Booth Babe Jana Cova (free version)! We will be making the full version available in our members area this weekend!

August 11, 2004
MAJOR NEWS- We've recently made a merger deal with Sulaco Studios. Sulaco Studios will now be producing comics exclusively for EAdultComics.com! We've also acquired some of their adult titles, such as Foxy Comics. Foxy Comics was originally written in Spanish- so we'll be fixing up the translations and making them available in our members area soon. Expect some great new comics in the weeks to come!

We've posted 6 free samples in our Free Area!! Check out the 3 samples of the School Girl's Revenge #1 (pages 1, 2,and 3). And 3 samples from the Sex Bus #1 (pages 3, 4, and 5).

August 11, 2004
Previously- In Agents69 Issue#2, Agent 6 was having sex with a Virgin that ended up costing him more then he bargained for... We pick up the story where we left off in the latest 2 pages of Agents69 Issue#3.

Also- we've posted more user-submitted photos in our San Diego: Comic-Con 2004 - Photos Gallery. Many thanks to all those who sent in the photos.

August 10, 2004
2 New pages added to ShenBlade Issue #3... Hwang visits a brothel and meets lots of lovely ladies!

August 9, 2004
We've added a page 4 to Agents 69 Issue #3! Agent 9 and the club owner gets interrupted..

August 8, 2004
Outlaw Angela #1 is now available in our members area. (A total of 8 pages.) This story is about a native american indian who seeks revenge and justice. And good sex at the same time.

August 7, 2004
We're back with more ShenBlade!! The first 4 pages of ShenBlade issue #3 is now available. Issue #3 is titled - "Hwang spends the night at a whorehouse".

Also- we've posted more user-submitted photos in our San Diego: Comic-Con 2004 - Photos Gallery. Many thanks to all those who sent in the photos.

August 6, 2004
More Lesbination by JJRYP!! This one is titled Monique and Denise (A total of 10 pages.) In this short story- we have a master and servant scenario where the Miss and the Maid gets it on.

August 5, 2004
We've got the first 4 pages of Agents 69 Issue#3 posted! Agent 9 is getting busy with the Club owner...

August 4, 2004
We've got the another short story added to our Comics Gallery - titled "The Body Builders" (A total of 8 pages.) This story is about two body builders who met at the gym and ends up being lovers and competition partners (with lots of sex involved of course). Is there such thing as too much sex for body builders?

You may have seen her at Comic-Con 2004 at our EAdultComics.com booth- (for those who attended) AND now you can play Strip Soccer with her over at EAdultGames.com That's right you can strip Jamie Lynn totally naked. There's a total of 5 unique nude poses.

August 3, 2004
There's a new Lesbination short story - titled Laura and Martha! (A total of 10 pages.) As mentioned earlier- Lesbination was done by JJRYP. Lots of hot girl-girl action in this story.

August 2, 2004
Issue #1 of Becky Valient - In the Forbidden Island is now available! (A total of 7 pages!) We're working on Issue #2. Let us know what you think of the characters, story, and the artwork so far.

August 1, 2004
We've added a Hentai Archive to our Bonus Content section. We update our Bonus Content section daily! There will always be something new in the Bonus Content section to play with or view. So check regularly!

August 1, 2004
Issue #2 of Shen Blade is now up! (A total of 20 pages!) Hwang encounters some bandits and meets Xiang Hua, the Poison Master. The artwork in this comic is fantastic! We're currently working on Issue#3 so we'll get the pages posted as we get them.

July 31, 2004
There are 2 new set of pinups in our Pinups Gallery done by Felix... These are very hentai/manga style. If you guys want to see more of Felix- let us know!!

July 31, 2004
We just posted a new Short Story titled - "The Helpful Nurse" (A total of 9 pages). If you guys like to see more of the helpful nurse, let us know! The artwork for this story was done by Carlos Lima. Talk about "The Helpful Nurse" on our messageboard.

July 29, 2004
There's a new Lesbination short story (A total of 10 pages) - titled Chole and Claire! Lesbination was done by JJRYP. This story was only printed in a magazine once in Spain. We were able to secure rights to publish it online exclusively for EAdultComics! For those who are not familar with JJRYP- he is currently working for Avatar Press on Lady Death and various covers. Previously he worked on the Robocop series by Frank Miller. If you like to see this Lesbination story colored, let us know and we'll get a colorist to color these pages.

Also- we've updated the ShenBlade issue#1 and Agents69 issue#1 with a few additional pages to enhance the story.

July 28, 2004
We've got a new comic book added to our Comics Gallery! Check out "Slumber Party #1" (A total of 10 pages.) This is the Slumber Party and Pizza Boy story we mentioned earlier. If you like this comic book, let us know. We'll get a sequel made! FYI: Our exclusive in-house artist, Carmen Nunez did this wonderful piece. She's a newcomer to the adult comics world and would love to do more work for us. So please post your comments about the Slumber Party on our messageboard.

July 28, 2004
We got the Comic-Con 2004 photos gallery up and running!! If you guys didn't go to the show, take a look at all the stuff you missed out on!

July 27, 2004
Comic Con show pictures are here! Click here to view them Well this is just a few pictures we've managed to resize and stamp with our logo on them. We're still trying to sort through the rest of the photos and getting them organized. We expect to have a more polished up gallery section with full thumbnails and preview mode with back and next buttons soon. For now, just wanted to throw up something for you guys to check out.

And if any fans out there have photos they want to send to us to post on our send. Send them in!! We'll be happy to host them on our site for you.

July 27, 2004
There's a new Short Story in the members area now- titled "The Movie Star" (A total of 10 pages). This is another EXCLUSIVE comic made just for EAdultComics.com- One of our concepts that we came up with. If you like the storyline or the artwork, let us know on the messageboard. Diego Jourdan the artist for "The Movie Star" would love to do more comics for us- so let us know if you like a sequel to the story or something entirely new from Diego. It's a very "Disney" style.

We're working on getting Slumber Party and the Pizza Boy story finished! We'll be uploading that as soon as we're done. Along with Becky Valient.

July 26, 2004
We're back from the Comic-Con 2004 show! Unfortunately- the hotel we stayed at had a crappy Internet service. (Or rather- no Internet service.) We had planned to update the site with tons of pictures from the convention each day- but that didn't happen.

We do have lots of pictures of our lovely booth babe models and various attendees in costumes. If any of you attended the show and would like us to post your pictures on our site, feel free to drop us an email!

Hang tight guys! We're going to be post the photos from the show and new comics for the members all this week!

July 21, 2004
For those who wants to get an early start on the members area, we're officially live and ready to take new signups! After the show- we'll be posting tons of comics as updates and the membership cost might go up. So signup now!!

Tonight is preview night at the Comic-Con 2004 in San Diego. And we're going to be there! We'll also take some pictures and we'll be posting convention pics during the next few days... Check back each day to see the latest pics straight from the show!

July 20, 2004
EAdultComics.com is almost ready to open the doors for signups!!

Also- don't forget Comic-Con is July 22-25. Come out to the convention center in San Diego and drop by our Booth! We'll be giving away free comics to the first 3000 visitors! This first printing- promo comic is a rare one time distribution. Get them while you still can. You'll also get to meet our booth babes and guest models! Alley Baggett, Jesse Capelli, Jamie Lynn, and Adriana Sage.

July 19, 2004
We've got custom artwork made for the What's New page on the free side. Also custom artwork for the Sign Up page! We give many thanks to JJRyp and Fran for doing these clip arts for us.

We've been keeping a journal of our development process over the past few months- so we're now putting them up on the news pages. You'll start noticing old news being posted.

July 18, 2004
The Our Comics section now contains preview comic pages and text description of the comics in our members area!

July 16, 2004
We got our Booth Display today from ExhibitCorps. All I can say is WOW! Our booth for the Comic Con is freakin awesome! Everybody at the booth company was impressed with the artwork. The booth is a popup system with a backlit header. 10 feet wide by 8 feet high. The girls appear all life size on the display! Come out to Comic Con to marvel this kick ass display mural. (We'll be taking pictures at the show so for those who can't make, don't worry. Just keep checking our website for free comic con pics!)

July 12, 2004
Our MessageBoard is now up and running ! You can now talk about EAdultComics.com and EAdultGames.com on the same message board! You won't have to register multiple posting accounts to post on each of the sites that uses our messageboard system. (Note: The messageboard posting account is not the same as the username/password for the members area! Getting a posting account is free. The members area access requires membership payment.)

July 10, 2004
We've been hard at work in organizing the comic pages for the members area. The members area design is now finished. We plan to use a left hand menu bar system so that we can add new sections and expand over time!

July 5, 2004
MAJOR EXCITING NEWS!! - Meet Alley Baggett and Jesse Capelli in the Flesh!

EAdultComics.com and EAdultGames.com will be making a grand debut at the San Diego International Comic-Con 2004. To make this an exciting event, we've invited some Guest Models to sit at our booth. Come out and meet Playboy Lingerie Model of the Year 1998 and 2000 - Alley Baggett AND Perfect 10 Model and Penthouse Pet April 2004 - Jesse Capelli

Alley Baggett and Jesse Capelli are currently voted as the TOP two favorite models in our Strip Blackjack and Strip Poker games! This is your chance to meet them in person. Mark your calendar for July 22-25 at the San Diego Convention Center (San Diego, CA, USA). Get your pictures taken with these hot models.

We're going to be at the show to promote the launching of our new website EAdultComics.com! In addition to the hot guest models and "booth babes", we've also got free comics to give out. (Smashing Issue#1, 28-Glossy fully colored pages!)

Also- actress Sarah Michelle Geller (aka Buffy the Vampire Slayer) will be making an exclusive appearance to promote her new movie.

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