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October 31, 2004
Happy Halloween from EAdultComics.com!! We've got another special treat for you guys today. Check out Wild Girls Issue#3 (A total of 11 pages, including the cover.) The girls are back and at it again... in Halloween Party!

Also- we've updated the previous Wild Girls comics with their respective covers! (Wild Girls Issue#1: Slumber Party and Wild Girls Issue#2: The Window Cleaner)

October 28, 2004
We posted the last 3 pages of Sex from the Crypt Issue #1. The girls uses Madame Sasha's key as a toy! And unlocks a mysterious evil! Tom runs out of the Crypt! It looks like the end for the girls now!! Find out in the finale page of Sex from the Crypt!

If you guys want to see more of Sex from the Crpyt stories featuring the same characters or different characters, please post your comments and suggestions on our messageboard!

October 24, 2004
4 new comic pages added in our latest update!

We added page 7 to "Sex from the Crypt Issue#1" - As the threesome continues, more and more zombies awaken from the dead to watch...

We added page 15 to "Agents 69 Issue#3" - The mysterious Danny eluded Agent 9 and Agent 6 catches up with her only to get surrounded by more thugs!

We added page 15 to "Battle Bitches Issue#3" - The Battle Bitches finally defeated the Golem! What will happen to the Golem now?

We added page 15 to "Shen Blade Issue#3" - The brothel girl, Xiao Shui wants to have a little fun with Hwang- Will Hwang finally get laid?! Find out!

October 20, 2004
We've added another page to "Sex from the Crypt #1". In the last page we've got a threesome going and it looks like they're not the only ones in the crpyt.

October 18, 2004
We've got the last 4 pages of Outlaw Angela Issue #6. Angela, Marion, and Unlucky Luke are in a real sticky situation. Malamute Kid has got them trapped and must put on a little show for his amusing. The situation isn't as bad after all for the gang... But how will they manage to overpower Malamute Kid after their little 'menage a trois'?

October 15, 2004
Just in time for Halloween! We've got a new comic book up titled "Sex from the Crypt #1". This story does a little spoof on the Horror genre and Tales from the Crypt. The Cover and the first 5 pages of this comic are up in Comics Gallery under the Main Content section (A total of 6 pages). This is an EXCLUSIVE comic book done by our in-house EAdultComics production studio. We'll be updating the rest of the pages to this comic book as we get them finished.

Also- We've moved the "Lesbination: Monique and Denise" comic to our Loyal Members area.

October 12, 2004
MAJOR UPDATE! Our Loyal Members section is finally live! In our previous news (Auguest 27) we mentioned that we will be adding a Loyal Members system to help reward members who are with our site beyond 30 days of membership. We really value our members who are supporting our site beyond their first month's subscription so this is our way of rewarding our fans!

We've moved one of the "Lesbination: Lola and Yola" comic to our Loyal Members area. In the Loyal Members area, we've added the sequel to Wild Girls #1 (formerly called Slumber Party #1). Check out Wild Girls #2: The Window Cleaner (A total of 10 pages).

For the new members who just joined, we've got new comic pages added to Agents69, BattleBitches, and ShenBlade (A total of 3 new pages.)

We added page 14 of Agents69 Issue#3 - Agent 9 chases after the mysterious Danny!

We added page 14 of Battle Bitches Issue#3 - Ayra and the Golem continues the fight!

We added page 14 of Shen Blade Issue#3 - The brothel girl, Xiao Shui gets naked for Hwang!

October 8, 2004
We're creating new comics based on the girls from the "Slumber Party" comic. We're changing the name of the comic "Slumber Party #1" to "Wild Girls #1". Also, we've updated the first page of Slumber Party with a few changes to be consistent with the new comics that we're rolling out.

Future comics based on the characters from the "Slumber Party" will be called "Wild Girls". Get ready for more adventures of Linda, Simone, Bambi, Randi, and Candy. We have 2 new stories in the works for this series: The Window Cleaner and Aerobic Avengers. Let us know what you think of Wild Girls on our Message Board!

October 7, 2004
The first 4 pages of Outlaw Angela Issue #6 have arrived! In the last issue, we're left with Angela in a very tight spot. Angela seeks Malamute Kid to revenge the death of her family. The plan was to get Malamute Kid while he was off guard, but Unlucky Luke was too busy getting his kicks. Now they're in some serious trouble. "Then again it's not so bad after all."

October 4, 2004
Announcing "EAdultComics Webmasters Affiliate Program"! If you're a webmaster of your own website and you want to make some money by sending us traffic, join our Affiliate program today!

October 1, 2004
New Agents69, BattleBitches, and ShenBlade updates (A total of 3 new pages.)

We added page 13 of Agents69 Issue#3 - More fighting action with Agent 6. After clobbering a few thugs, more goons arrive.

We added page 13 of Battle Bitches Issue#3 - Ayra makes pounds on the Golem.

We added page 13 of Shen Blade Issue#3 - Hwang encounters sex for the first time!

September 28, 2004
EAdultComics.com is excited to announce the addition of Dave Hoover to our lineup of artists. The first story from Dave Hoover is titled "Jungle Love in The Lost City". We have the first 5 pages of Jungle Love Issue #1 in our members area. FYI: Dave Hoover worked on the Captain America series, as well as a number of other Marvel titles such as Spider-Man and The Punisher comics (just to name a few). Dave is also known for his work on Tarazan comics. And now you get to see the monkey man "Cozan" have hot and wild crazy sex in our Jungle Love story.

September 26, 2004
Becky Valient Covers are here! Check out the Becky Valient Issue#1 and Issue#2 covers.

September 24, 2004
We've got the last 5 pages of Becky Valient Issue #2 up! As previously mentioned, this new issue was done by Diego Jourdan. If you like to see more Becky Valient, please let us know by posting your comments on our message board. We won't be working on Becky Valient Issue #3 until we get your feed back! Diego Jourdan will be working on a new comic series called "Gigolo Dean" - in the style of Archie comics! We'll be posting more information on "Gigolo Dean" soon.

September 22, 2004
We've added the last 5 pages of A.S.U. (Android for Sexual Use) issue #1! If you guys want to see more of A.S.U., please let us know and we'll get the next issue into production.

September 20, 2004
We're back with more Outlaw Angela! Check out Outlaw Angela Issue#5 in our comics gallery. (A total of 8 pages.) Outlaw Angela finally encounters Malamute Kid in this latest issue of Outlaw Angela.

September 18, 2004
There is a new Lesbination story up by JJRYP! This new story is titled "Lola and Yola" (A total of 10 pages.) For those who are not familar with JJRYP- he is currently working for Avatar Press on Lady Death and various covers. Previously he worked on the Robocop series by Frank Miller. If you like to see this Lesbination story colored, let us know and we'll get a colorist to color these pages.

September 16, 2004
We've added 5 more pages of A.S.U. (Android for Sexual Use)!

September 15, 2004
We've got the first 5 pages of Becky Valient Issue #2. The new issue is being worked on by our artist Diego Jourdan. Becky gets captured by Nazi soliders... Will Redd be able to rescue her?

September 13, 2004
New Agents69, BattleBitches, and ShenBlade updates!

We added page 12 of Agents69 Issue#3 - Agent 6 is doing some major ass kicking while Agent 9 chases after our villian Danny.

We added page 12 of BattleBitches Issue#3 - Kyra and the Golem clashes swords! Find out who will win the sword fight.

We added page 12 of Shen Blade Issue#3 - After having saved the lovely ladies in the brothel, The madame of the house gives Hwang the full treatment.

September 8, 2004
5 more pages of A.S.U. (Android for Sexual Use) Issue #1 Added!

September 5, 2004
We added a new comic book titled A.S.U. (Android for Sexual Use) Issue #1. This story was produced by our team of artists in Indonesia. We're kicking the story off with the first 5 pages! More pages will be added as soon as we get the english translations fixed and lettered. Let us know what you think of the story and if you would like us to continue producing more of this comic. Our artists in Indonesia are very eager to work on Issue #2!

September 3, 2004
We're back with more Agents69, BattleBitches, and ShenBlade!

We added page 11 of Agents69 Issue#3- Agents 6 and 9 have caught Danny in the act! They've busted the Virgin for Sales operation.... And it looks like we're going to get some big action.

We added page 11 of BattleBitches Issue#3- The Battle Bitches are back on their feet again for another battle against the Golem!

We added page 11 of Shen Blade Issue#3- The masked bandit leader busted into the whore house and stole Hwang's jade... Hwang chased off the theif and is now a Hero to the ladies!

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