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December 25, 2004
Merry Christmas!! - We've added a new section in our Members Area for Wallpapers! There are currently 6 different wallpapers to choose from, including a Holiday Special wallpaper!

December 24, 2004
Seasons Greetings from EAdultComics.com!! We've got a special Wild Girls comics for the Holidays! Check out Wild Girls Issue#5 - A Christmas Tale. We've got the Cover and the first 2 pages up right now. We'll be posting the rest of the pages as we get them finalized. We're still getting the comics lettered.

Also- We've posted the last few pages of Agents 69 Issue#3 and Battle Bitches Issue#3.
We added page 21 to "Agents 69 Issue#3" - Mission Completed!

We added page 21 and 22 to "Battle Bitches Issue#3" - We end this issue with a cliff hanger as the gang gets captured by The Collector!!! Stay tuned for Issue #4.

December 16, 2004
We've got a brand NEW COMIC up! Check our short story titled "The Pool Girl Issue#1". A total of 11 pages including the cover. Enjoy!

December 12, 2004
6 new comic pages added in our latest update!

We added page 20 to "Agents 69 Issue#3" - Agent 6 and Agent 9 shares their findings on the case.

We added page 20 to "Battle Bitches Issue#3" - Double Pentration!! The sex ritual continues.

We added page 20 to "Shen Blade Issue#3" - Hwang finally get's laid for the first time!! This is our latest page for this issue.

We added page 9 and 10 to "Wild Girls Issue#4" - The Wild Girls finally gets their revenge on their aerobics instructor.

December 4, 2004
There is a NEW COMIC in our regular members area titled "Star Whores Issue #1" (A total of 8 page). "Star Whores #1" originally appeared in Foxy Comic and Spanish magazine print. As mentioned previously in our news, we have acquired Sulaco Studios and some of their comics. We'll be making english fixes and providing their Foxy Comic in our members area.

We've also updated "Wild Girls Issue#4" with 3 additional pages.

November 30, 2004
The Wild Girls are back! Check out the latest comic Wild Girls Issue#4 titled "Aerobic Avengers"! Join Linda, Simone, Candy, Bambi, and Randi in their latest erotic adventure with the Aerobic Instructor! We posted the first 6 pages of the comic (including the cover)! This comic is available only in our Loyal Members Area! [FYI: WildGirls#1 Slumber Party (new members area), WildGirls#2 Window Cleaner (loyal members area), WildGirls#3 Halloween Party (new members area), and WildGirls #4 Aerobic Avengers (loyal members area)]

In the regular members area (for new members), we've got updated for regular series:

We added page 19 to "Agents 69 Issue#3" - Agent 9 just made a discovery on who the Mysterious Danny really is!

We added page 19 to "Battle Bitches Issue#3" - The after Battle Sex Ritual! Enjoy!

We added page 18 to "Shen Blade Issue#3" - Hwang's curiosity on sex continues!

November 25, 2004
Happy Thanksgiving everybody! We want to say thanks for visiting EAdultComics.com! And MANY THANKS goes to our New Members and Loyal Members. We're very grateful for your support and hope you've enjoyed our site so far. Lots of new comics are on the way in Decemeber. So get ready for more fun and games!

November 22, 2004
6 new comic pages added in our latest update!

We added page 18 to "Agents 69 Issue#3" - More action in the latest page! Agent 9 shows us some of her moves!

We added page 18 to "Battle Bitches Issue#3" - The Battle Bitches wants to have their after battle sex ritual!

We added page 18 to "Shen Blade Issue#3" - Voyeur Hwang continues to watch a couple making out in the brothel.

In our Loyal Members area, We added page 7 and 8 of "Outlaw Angela Issue#7" - Angela and her friends escaped the hotel fire.. Will Angela finally seek revenge on Malamute Kid?

November 20, 2004
We're happy to officially announce that Jamie Lynn is Penthouse Pet for January 2005! The new January 2005 Penthouse Pet issue is NOW on sale at newstand!

ALSO- Martina Warren is Penthouse Pet of the Year 2005 (on the cover of the January issue with JamieLynn as the pet and centerfold)!

AND Guess what?? Jamie Lynn and Martina Warren are working at our EAdultComics.com booth at GlamourCon this weekend taking free pictures with the fans! Come out and get your photos taken with them (including Bella Starr). We're going to post pictures of our lovely booth babe models after the show ends. Bella Starr, Jamie Lynn, and Martina Warren are just smoking hot in person!!

November 19, 2004
We're very excited to say that 2 of our Booth Babes from Comic-Con are now Penthouse Pets! Ashley Roberts is Penthouse Pet for December 2004 and Jamie Lynn is Penthouse Pet for January 2005! Congratulations to our hotties!

November 17, 2004
And now for the finale of "Gigolo Dean #1" (A total of 3 pages added)! The moment you've been wanting to see- Gigolo Dean gets it on with his first customer.

November 14, 2004
NEW UPDATES! We've added 4 more pages of "Gigolo Dean #1". We also fixed the first 3 pages to include our logo. Don't forget to join our messageboard and post your thoughts on "Gigolo Dean".

We've posted more pages to our regular series. We've added page 17 of "Agents 69 Issue#3" - Agent 6 does some ass-kicking, while Agent 9 looks like she's in a tight spot. Will she be able to get out of the neck hold?

We've added page 17 of "Battle Bitches Issue#3" - The Golem finally remembers his past! And we learn more about Clone13.

We've added page 17 of "Shen Blade Issue#3" - Voyeur Hwang learns more about Sex! Hot Sex in our latest page.

AND LAST- in our loyal members area, we've added 2 more pages to Outlaw Angela Issue#7.

November 7, 2004
We've got a new comic book in our Comics Gallery titled "Gigolo Dean". We start off this comic book series with the first 4 pages (including the cover). This new comic is by Diego Jourdan, who also did The Movie Star and Becky Valient #2.

ALSO- in our latest updates, we've added 3 new pages to our regular series.

We added page 16 to "Agents 69 Issue#3" - Agent 6 and Agent 9 does a little thug clobbering.

We added page 16 to "Battle Bitches Issue#3" - Clone 13 tries to help the Golem regain his past memories.

We added page 16 to "Shen Blade Issue#3" - Hwang explores the whore house and gets a little tingling sensation!

AND LAST- in our loyal members area, we've got the latest Outlaw Angela comics!! Check out the first 4 pages of Outlaw Angela Issue#7.

November 2, 2004
EAdultComics.com and EAdultGames.com will be at GlamourCon (Los Angeles) the weekend of November 20-21. We've got sexy booth babes: Jamie Lynn, Lonnie, and Bella Starr handing out our free comics. You'll be able to take your pictures with these hot girls for free!

Also by our booth, will be Alley Baggett (Playboy Lingerie Model of the Year 1998 and 2000) and Ginger Jolie (Penthouse Pet September 2004) signing and selling their merchandise. And that's not all. You'll be able to meet tons of other hot Glamour models at this show. Visit GlamourCon's website for a full listing of all the models that will be attending.

If you enjoyed playing Strip Poker and Strip Blackjack with Jamie Lynn- here's your chance to meet her in person!! Also- We will be getting Lonnie and Bella Starr in our strip games in near future- so this is your chance to meet them. Then play strip poker and strip blackjack with them later on our website. Yup! You heard it here first!

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